We are in an era where every brand is competing hard and trying to stay afloat in the digital space. Social Media isn’t a place for just casual scrolling anymore, it’s where conversations happen, trends are set, and connections are made. 


Here’s where Upriver steps in and helps your brand stand out in the ever-evolving digital world:

  • Unparalleled Reach:
    Social media connects you with a global audience, breaking down geographical boundaries.

  • Real-time Engagement:
    Instant interactions build customer trust and loyalty, making your brand accessible 24/7.

  • Data-Driven Insights:
    Social media analytics offer invaluable data for informed decision-making.

  • Brand Storytelling:
    It's the canvas for your brand's story, allowing you to showcase your personality, values, and vision.

Why Choose Upriver?

At Upriver, we offer a unique blend of creativity and strategy to help you conquer the social landscape. Also bringing the best of all worlds combining the best elements of social engagement, creative content, and data-driven strategy.

  • Social Media Account Setup and Revamp:
    Crafting a compelling online presence that captures your brand's essence.

  • Strategy Development:
    Tailoring a unique strategy that aligns with your goals and resonates with your audience.

  • Community Management:
    Fostering meaningful connections to build a strong community.

  • Social Media Communication:
    Stories, Posts and other content

  • Social Media Tracking and Analytics:
    Harnessing data to measure performance.

  • Social Media Ads:
    Leveraging targeted advertising to expand your reach and boost brand visibility.

Our Journey Together

  • Initial Consultation:
    We start with a conversation, understanding your brand's unique story, goals, and challenges.

  • Tailored Strategy:
    Based on our insights, we craft a customized strategy that aligns with your brand's vision.

  • Creative Brilliance:
    Our team weaves the content, creating engaging visuals and captivating copy.

  • Daily Engagement:
    We ensure your brand stays active and responsive.

  • Performance Evaluation:
    Monthly reports provide transparency and insights into your brand's social media performance.

Case Studies

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Among Top 3 brands in the lingerie category within 9 months of launch

Preeti Gupta CBO, Nykaa Fashion

Read More

Sales Growth of 2,200% in Just 6 Months

Bindu Amrutham Founder, Suganda Skincare

Read More

50% reduction in cost of advertising in first month of working with Upriver

Jinnie Austin Brand Manager at Namshi

Read More

250% sales increase within 4 months of working with Upriver

Sakshi Munjal

Read More

Improved Asset utilisation of warehouses to a sustainable level within 2 months of launch on local shops.

Jinnie Austin

Read More

Category bestseller within 2 months of working with Upriver

Nidhi Gherwada

Read More

Among the fastest growing Personal hygiene brand having raised Pre-Series A in June 2022.

Ishan Grover CEO & Founder

Read More

What Our Clients Says

For Amazon we trust Upriver. The team is supportive and result oriented. They make sure to do anything and everything in their power to bring in the desired results for the client. We highly recommend Upriver as a go-to agency for all your marketplace needs.

Bindu Amrutham,
Founder, Suganda Skincare

Their understanding of different marketplaces including other aspects of the e-commerce equation including warehousing, payments etc. is exceptionally strong. Highly recommend using them if you are launching a brand on Amazon and have aggressive growth plans.

Preeti Gupta,
CBO, Nykaa Fashion

We had a very bad experience with previous channel management companies not being able to handle our marketplace accounts, or rather messing it up. Upriver team rehauled the accounts and deployed a highly skilled team, providing a quick solution to our issues. We thank the Upriver team for being very responsive and professional in their approach.

Ishan Grover,
CEO, Svish on the Go

The team is dynamic and responds very quickly to any issues or queries, which sets them apart from other channel management companies. We have seen our account multiply with our collaborative efforts.

Harsh Vardhan,
CEO, Acuro Organics

Upriver team helped us in improving our sales on both Amazon & Flipkart by 200% M-o-M. We are extremely satisfied with the commitment that they have shown in growing our marketplace business.

Shashwat Goyal,
Marketing Director, Pure Luxuries London

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