Why Are Reviews Important on Amazon?


Reviews are incredibly important to a product’s success. Online reviews are critical to providing real-life validation for a product’s quality, performance, and likeness to its photos that shoppers rely on to decide about making a purchase.

In fact, 72% of Indian consumers said that, when shopping online, they’re looking for the product with the best ratings and reviews.

Reviews, specifically positive reviews, help drive customer behavior by providing social proof that your product is worth purchasing. Potential customers want reassurance of a product’s quality in lieu of physically inspecting or testing it before buying.

Increasing number of reviews is also a leading indicator of increased Best Seller Rank (BSR), which helps your product appear in more Amazon search results and earn more clicks to your listing. And the more reviews / ratings you have on your listing, the better chance you have at converting any visitor into a buyer.

Let us look at how you can increase your reviews and what all things you need to keep in mind:

Send Review Requests

In order to make your product more visible and appear in the top search you need to have a good number of reviews on your product page. One of the easiest ways can be to send review requests to all your customers who bought your product. Various automation tools are available for as low as Rs. 15 for every 1,000 orders which will automatically send review requests on all orders through Amazon.

Top Review/Most Recent Review

There exists a by default system on Amazon which shows top 3 reviews on app and top 8 reviews on desktop version. The top reviews are chosen by a combination of factors like number of helpful votes, recency, images, videos, verified profile, SEO status etc. Most of the users landing on your product page goes through the reviews before making the final purchase. If there is any negative review which is appearing in the top review, it will result in a low conversion rate. In order to maximise sales, make sure no negative reviews are showing up in the ‘top reviews.’

Amazon's Algorithm

Keeping a close track of negative reviews is very essential. Amazon’s algorithm is designed in such a way that it instantly reduces visibility of a product on receiving any negative feedback, thereby affecting sales directly. Vice-vera is also true, positive feedback further enhances the visibility of products. Amazon algorithm understands that people are liking / disliking a product and subsequently increases or decreases the visibility. Amazon only wants to sell the best product and in the minimum possible selection time.

Videos Reviews

Video reveals a true picture of the product and it plays an important role in making purchasing decisions for customers. On mobile application, along with star rating video reviews are featured on top above the text reviews. Hence, extra care needs to be taken of any negative video review showing up on the top this might hamper conversions.

Reviews from Verified Profiles/Influencers

Amazon’s algorithm gives more weightage to the reviews coming from verified profiles or the reviews which have verified purchase. Since most of the customers shopping online rely purely on reviews, Amazon ensures that the integrity of the reviews is maintained at all cost. Also, importance is given to reviews coming from influencer’s profiles which have a blue tick against their profile name.

You know Amazon reviews are important, so what’s next?

Amazon is continuing to improve its review processes. Shoppers are becoming increasingly savvier when it comes to detecting trustworthy reviews. Brands should be ready to partner with companies like Upriver to surpass shoppers’ expectations, suppress negative reviews and keep the authentic positive reviews flowing. Also sellers need to understand that Amazon respects the privacy of its users and there is no way sellers can contact the person who has posted the review.

Pro Tip:

There is no use of marking a negative review as ‘Report Abuse’ if it is not really abusive.

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