How Upriver helped a brand in Pet Care space to save on Category and FBA Fees due to Amazon Re-categorisation

Initial Situation
  • A large manufacturer of skincare brands launched his own private label to compete with the likes of Mamaearth, Wow Skin Science etc.
  • High impressions but low clicks leading to muted conversions
The Challenge:

Amazon can be known to update a product’s category without notice to the brand. At times, the update is incorrect & can result in impacted PPC performance & most often, increased FBA fees. Our client’s Pet Care product was incorrectly re-categorized by Amazon. Through the daily Operations Account Review, our team discovered the update and its resulting significant per-ASIN FBA fee increase.

The Solution
  • Daily Account Review: Every day we monitor key metrics within our clients’ accounts to ensure optimal performance and note any changes that could impact the brand.
  • Identify the root cause: The team reviewed any and all changes made to the product listings in the past 6 months in an effort to identify variables that might have led to the category change.
  • Test the hypothesis: After identifying the one key term updated within the listings as a potential cause of the category reclassification, the team removed the term from listings.
The Result
  • 10% savings on margin due to revival of original reference fees.
  • 70% over-charged amount reimbursed.