Revenue Management on Brand Portals

Power Your Ecommerce With Data-Driven Insights

Band Portal or Company’s ecommerce website, not only is a tool for online sales, but also a very important shopper engagement tool in today’s digitally native world. With a focus on revenue growth, Upriver will ensure development and execution of a robust strategy for its brand partners and managing their brand portals or ecommerce website. This includes the following activities: 

UI & UX Optimization:

Upriver team will audit the website UI and UX and recommend changes on web and mobile site for better conversions. This will be done at the beginning of the engagement and at regular intervals to ensure a website that evolves as per the shoppers requirements. Our brand partner’s tech team will implement the changes basis Upriver’s advise, Upriver team being available for any queries that the tech team may have.

Website Content Updation :

Responsibilities will include:

    • Loading content on the website: while the base content, photography and videos are provided by the brand partner’s creative team, Upriver team will enhance the same with relevant keywords and upload the same on the website.
    • Listing & pricing management on the website: Product listing, price and discount management will be fully managed by our team. We optimize product listings to reach your full SEO potential
    • Website performance monitoring: Upriver will monitor, assess and report key performance metrics including traffic, leads and sales (commercial metrics perspective only) on the website
    • CRM related activities and responding to consumer queries. Our team creates positive experiences for shoppers. All questions asked, through direct contact or through listings, are promptly answered.
    • Complaint / negative feedback handling. We carefully monitor your product performance, addressing negative reviews and offering solutions, which convert a negative feedback into a positive disposition.

Technical upkeep, maintenance, hosting, new features addition etc. is not a part of Upriver’s scope of services. Anything requiring the backend of the websites will have to managed by the brand partner’s nominated team/agency.

Data Backed SEO:

Ecommerce SEO is not just about increasing website rank in Google, but also about increasing organic revenue. We don’t just optimize the website for Google Search, but also consider Google Shopping to drive organic traffic.

Organic Traffic accounts for the highest conversion rates across all Ecommerce marketing channels and thus Ecommerce SEO is a building block for any Ecommerce website today. Based on mutually agreed goals, our SEO experts create well calibrated and savvy SEO strategies using data science, technology and creativity.

Using a data-based approach, we integrate keywords and features in the right places. Our proprietary tools help generate keywords that are most important for a product based on search rank, search volume, competing products, organic rankings, and other metrics for us to take a prudent data backed decision. Right content optimization provides client’s listings with increased visibility for relevant search terms.

Further, we focus on purchase intent keywords, getting shoppers on the website who are looking to purchase products immediately or in near future, thereby maximizing the chances of conversions.

Upriver team takes up the following to revamp client’s google rankings:

Social Media Management:

Upriver’s marketing team will define it’s client’s social media strategy, set up the social media accounts and manage them end-to-end. Our scope of services includes:

    • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
    • Social media calendar planning and execution
    • End-to-end campaign planning, deployment & reporting
    • Creative planning & development – posts and stories on social media channels
    • Regular content writing for blogs, all social media channels, copywriting etc
    • Social media analytics

Performance Marketing:

Upriver will spearhead paid advertising efforts across leading social media and search advertising platform including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube.

Upriver’s performance marketing efforts are handled through an AI driven advertising-tech platform for seamless management and optimization of advertising spends across key channels.

Upriver’s cost effective marketing strategies drive revenue and distinguish your brand from competition. Our ecommerce consulting experts create local and international campaigns that convert clicks into purchases, making your advertising budget deliver more. We stretch advertising budgets to reach full efficiency through our rules-based advertising software, which maximizes ROI.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

Just driving more traffic to website is not good enough unless we are able to convert this traffic into actual paying customers. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the science and art of getting a higher percentage of web visitors to take action and convert them into paying customers.

Upriver experts conduct a comprehensive user behaviour analysis, audit of paid and unpaid marketing channels to assess traffic volume and quality, sales funnel analysis, website UI& UX audit to understand what levers need to be tweaked to improve conversions. Our experts also do Click Map analysis, A/B and multivariate testing using best in class tech tools, to improve key metrics in the conversion funnel.

Upriver’s proven and tested CRO methodology aims at:

  • Increasing Sales
  • Reducing Cost per Custom Acquisition
  • Improving Conversions
  • Improving ROAS (Return Over Advertising Spends)
  • Increasing Revenue per Visitor
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction

Upriver operates on a transparent reporting and review structure with reports on the advertising spends, returns and key metrics shared regularly with the clients.

Mailing List:

From the beginning, we onboard you on our proprietary CRM platform, which helps clients with setting the exact time that you want to send review emailers & SMS’s to customer list for remarketing and prospecting purposes. Further metrics around open rates are tracked to further take decisions on email template and review mail day and time.

Upriver team will also build and nurture mailing lists for you and will set-up Automated CRM for sending emails & SMS.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization puts your product in front of the right customers by improving your search ranking and optimizing your search keywords. We increase your search ranking and build your share of voice by equipping specialists with the data-backed keyword tools.