How Upriver increased sales for a Specialty Chemicals client by 15 times in a six month period

Initial Situation
  • The client is a well-known specialty-chemicals (B2C & B2B) manufacturing company serving the industry for more than 40 years.
  • The client had started selling online, but sales were moderate.
  • The primary objective of the engagement was to increase sales on marketplaces. A 360-degree optimization was needed for existing and new products along with an increased focus on advertising.
The Challenge:
  • Low awareness and visibility of newly introduced products.
  • Many broken variations, which caused missing ASIN reviews.
  • High Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) and low impressions.
  • Very few new customers acquired over the last few months. 70% of the buyers on marketplaces were those who were aware of client’s brand in the specialty chemicals space.
  • Very few customer reviews as many products were b2b and the customers did not bother to write a review.
The Solution
  • Improved Visibility: Upriver team understood the missing communication issues and hence fixed the same through a range of efforts including fixing titles for highly relevant search terms, short bullet points with headers, question-answer trail for new buyers and fixing broken variations in turn boosting product sales rank.
  • Advertising Optimization: Set up a new campaign structure with the ratio of automatic campaigns to manual campaigns changed from 5:1 to 2:3. Further, focus on including only a few comparable ASINs within a single campaign and set up different campaigns for each search term type (brand specific, generic and competitor-oriented search terms) to easily track performance by search term type.
  • Customer Ratings & Reviews: Upriver used its proprietary tools to facilitate/ request customer ratings and review, in sync with Amazon guidelines.
The Result
  • Impressions: 685% Growth
  • Review Count: 150% Growth
  • Conversions: 624% Growth
  • Sales: 1493% Growth