How Upriver helped a Health & Personal Care brand increase spending on generic keywords while reducing ACoS by 50% through its AI Advertising platform

Initial Situation
  • The client is a leading player in the essential oils space
  • Objective to improve ACoS on existing campaigns and identify scaling opportunities
The Challenge:
  • Generic keywords in the category are highly competitive
  • Pre-dominant spending on brand specific keywords and ASINs’ across campaigns
  • Unable to understand campaign data and decode growth levers
The Solution
  • Campaign Structure: Upriver team revamped the campaign structure by completing replacing existing campaigns with AI-powered campaigns. The campaigns were structured in an advanced manner by grouping them across branded, category and competitor campaigns for easy campaign tracking and double down on the most effective campaigns.
  • Bestseller Campaigns: Bestseller products were fitted in a separate campaign with specialised focus on maintaining share of voice on the existing keywords and finding out new keyword opportunities to bring in additional sales.
  • Automatic bid adjustment: Given the client had a range spread across multiple categories, the no. of campaigns increased dramatically. Hence, it made sense to run the campaigns through an Artificial intelligence backed program.
  • Campaign Reporting: Upriver team made sure that the client understands the data that we receive through campaigns by breaking down the data by product sales, Blended ACoS%, type of keywords, type of campaigns etc.
The Result