Multi-Marketplace Account Management

A single point-solution for Indian & International marketplace needs

Upriver is India’s leading multi-marketplace account management agency. We assist our partners sell on more than 25 leading marketplaces in India and Internationally (including USA, Europe, Middle East Asia, South East Asia, Japan etc.). Based out of India, we also work with brands and retailers in different countries to sell on their local and international marketplaces.

Our experts accelerate your marketplace business by onboarding you on new, high growth marketplaces, optimizing and managing your customer’s journey—from the ads that catch your eye to the content that drives your purchase—all while guiding you with high-level strategy and consulting.

Upriver gives you the control of your marketplace business by becoming your extended team. Upriver provides:

  • A dedicated account manager and a responsive team
  • Advanced tech-tools to support growth
  • Efficient end-to-end marketplace operations management
  • Reporting & MIS, that ensures data driven decision making
  • Data backed insights and recommendations that help you grow revenues and profitability.

I. Our Marketplace Management Service

Registering your brand on marketplaces is becoming difficult by the day with increasing compliances, negotiations and follow-ups with marketplaces. We offer complete brand registry support across leading marketplaces. We assist you in opening up new territories and revenue streams, using the marketplace infrastructure.


Each marketplace has a unique customer base and niche. Upriver will assist it’s clients onboard relevant marketplaces across the globe, post a due diligence on the feasibility of the client’s products on the marketplace.

Our onboarding services include:

  • Brand registration on the marketplace and account set up
  • Setting up the bank account, GST, tax codes etc. on the marketplace, for the payments to happen
  • Setting up the shipping locations for pick-ups
  • Completing all necessary paper work, answering queries and follow-ups with the marketplaces.


We help you select the right set of products to start-with, by

  • using our industry knowledge
  • syndicated research on your products range, category and competition
  • insights from market intelligence and analytics platform and
  • analyzing purchase history on operational accounts.

We use tools like Helium 10, Jungle scout etc. for research and developing market insights.

Listing Optimization:

The most important part of your marketplace presence are your listings. We often see accounts that spend a lot of money on advertising but still don’t see sales conversions. This leads to lower rankings for the seller and their products on marketplaces, and will make the Fly Wheel effect work against the seller. Upriver helps it’s clients stop the bleeding and gets them started right.

We optimize product listings to reach your full SEO potential. Our listing management team enables easy listing of products across multiple marketplaces by using proprietary tech-tools. We handle the complete listing process including:

      • competitor listing analysis
      • listing content upload and making product variations, parent-child categorization etc.
      • product related content enhancement and optimization
      • monthly listing revision and enhancement
      • brand page development
      • A+ content creation
      • brand visibility tracking
      • image recommendations and more

Upriver helps you maintain a fully-optimized product catalogue by identifying content mismatches, opening and managing tickets/cases and deleting duplicate listings.

II. Business Scale-up & Maximizing Revenue

Upriver will set the stage to support your revenue growth on marketplaces. Our team of expert marketplace consultants will steer you towards success. Our services include:

Pricing & Assortment Recommendations:

Upriver actively works with its clients to create a compelling offer for the consumers. We suggest you the right pricing keeping in mind key factors including marketplace fees, logistics, taxes, competitor pricing, positioning etc.

  • We actively track online prices, identify pricing sweet spots and ensure competitive pricing for your products
  • We provide margin-analysis for price changes, ensuring maintenance of client defined margins
  • We monitor and ensure that pricing and promotion guidelines are not breached.
  • We monitor leaders & competitors in the segment, tracking best-selling products for your reference.

Advertising Management:

Based on mutually agreed goals, our advertisings experts create well calibrated and savvy campaigns using data, technology and creativity. Our team stretches advertising budget to reach full efficiency through our rules-based advertising software. We  work with the respective marketplace teams to create and run campaigns, ensuring best in class ROI, through regular monitoring and calibration.

We manage PPC, DSP and other Advertising Campaigns on leading marketplaces. Our team:

  • Recommends a defined marketplace advertising strategy for higher sales
  • Helps you to subscribe and leverage lightning deals, deals of the day, festive deals etc.
  • Negotiates the best advertising deals with marketplaces
  • Maintains relations with marketplaces managers to sort out any issues and include you in campaigns run by them.

On Amazon, Upriver uses industry leading AI tools like Perpetua for algorithmic bidding, campaign automation,  keyword refinement and Advanced Targeting (by Brand, Category and Competitor).

Customer Reviews & Ratings Facilitation:

Customer reviews on marketplaces are a decisive factor for success. Reviews influence the purchase decisions of 80 percent of shoppers, emphasizing that businesses need to prioritize review management if they want to succeed. To be highly ranked for the most important keywords in listings, you should aim to have at least as many reviews as your competition.

    • Upriver uses email automation tools for getting positive customer reviews on products purchased as well as the brand to increase CTR (Click-through rate) and product sales
    • We deploy multiple methods to improve review conversions

Negative Review Management :

We adopt a proactive approach to negative reviews with our review management services. If a shopper posts a negative review, our team will respond and resolve the situation. With this approach, you demonstrate that you are active and responsive, which encourages shoppers to not just remove their negative comments but also give a positive feedback about the brands service orientation.

Customer Queries Management:

Our team provides shoppers with all the information they need to make a purchase. We respond, as well as coordinate with our brand partners to answer shopper queries, ensuring that they receive precise and up-to-date information on your products.

Inventory Planning Assistance:

Upriver assists its clients manage inventory, for maximizing sales.

    • We track sales and predicts inventory levels which helps in avoiding any stock out situation.
    • We prevent excess inventory blocking, maintaining optimum inventory levels to minimize storage cost and working capital.
    • We assist you register with FBA’s and in getting delivery slots
    • We help in establishing tie-ups with leading 3rd party logistics companies across India, at best prices, if our brand partners needs so.

III. Account Health & Claims Management

Account Health Management: Ensuring that your account health is imperative to success. Each marketplace has a unique set of metrics that they monitor and assess account health on. Upriver provides:

      • Daily monitoring and maintenance to keep everything running and organized
      • Reminders and warnings, before SLA breeches
      • A comprehensive account health track report on a periodic basis, along with suggestions to improve the same.

Dashboards and MIS reports to improve visibility, so that clients can track performance of each task.

Managing Suppressed/Blocked ASINs:

It would be good if properly set up listings will stay that way, but it is never that. ASINs may get blocked / supressed due to a multitude of reasons and keep you from selling. Our team ensures your listings are always active by managing issues like suppressed ASINs, policy or compliance violations, products flagged as hazmat, and more.

Compliances Management:

Compliances, terms & conditions, policies and best practices change frequently on marketplaces. Our Account Managers focus on what’s ahead to keep your brand competitive, compliant and ahead of the competitors.

Reporting Deep-dive:

Our Account Managers share weekly and monthly reports that provide a high level view of your business across all marketplaces and deep ASIN level insights around sales, spends, impressions, clicks, CTR, TACoS etc. Further, we conduct fortnightly and monthly meetings with the clients to discuss the forward plan, in detail.

Brand Protection:

Dealing with a counterfeit seller or hijacker can get expensive fast. As sellers, you’ll be facing constant challenges with your product listings. Without the necessary protection against these violators, your sales will take a huge impact, and so will your expenses.

At Upriver, we want to alleviate these stresses by providing the support and assistance you need to protect your brand on marketplaces. Our team continuously monitors MAP violations and unauthorized sellers. We help you track and remove violators so that you can win the buy-box for your own brand and keep pricing integrity across channels.

Claims Management:

We assist you in claims management. In case of any mismatch found during accounts reconciliation by your team, we raise tickets and follow-up with the respective marketplace to get the claims processed, thereby preventing revenue leakage.


Who is an Account Manager? What team does he have?

Each marketplace is different. Brands need a strategy that factors in these differences and a team to put that strategy to work. That’s where an account manager come in. Our Account Managers acts as an extension of your team, manages your day-to-day business on marketplaces, and maximizes your revenue and margin potential.

Each Account Manager has a qualified team that has experience of working on multiple marketplaces and growing client accounts. They are also backed by our Data Analytics and Advertising teams, which have functional expertise in their respective areas.

Account Managers are directly supervised by our leadership team that remains very hands-on and paranoid about client success.

Why should we outsource account management services and not do it in-house?

Well, for multiple reasons. Following are the top 5 reasons:

  1. Skilled people are hard to get so it will take time to build a team. With Upriver, you start immediately.
  2. The skills required are varied and hence it is not a single person but a team that you need to hire. This could be very costly; Upriver will provide you a skilled team in a fraction of the cost.
  3. The team also needs best in class tech tools, the access to which is extremely expensive. Since Upriver is able to spread the cost over multiple accounts, it becomes much more cost effective for our brand partners.
  4. The experience of our brand managers spreads across multiple brands in each category. Thus they are able to bring in industry and category insights that your own team managing a single brand may not have.
  5. Our leadership team also has extensive experience of strategy and execution in ecommerce, having launched and grown consumer brands. Upriver thus brings to you a unique combination of strategic and execution expertise.


“We had a very bad experience with previous channel management companies not able to handle our marketplace accounts, or rather messing it up. Upriver team rehauled the accounts and deployed a highly skilled team, providing a quick solution to our issues. We thank the Upriver team for being very responsive and professional in your approach

Ishan Grover

CEO, Svish on the Go