Get a high level picture of your Amazon business

We call it the CEO’s dashboard view. Understand high level numbers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis across overall revenue, units sold, ad orders, spends, ACoS% etc. to understand the monthly and weekly trends across a variety of metrics and make quick decisions.

Bring efficiency to your Amazon ads Performance

Measure your advertising sales and expenses to inform your future campaigns. Get a variety of data across custom date ranges including overall high level numbers, Sponsored products vs Sponsored brand comparison, best and worst performing campaigns across ad types, W-o-W and M-o-M ad performance, organic sales, PPC expenses at the product level etc.

Go granular by understanding sales data at product level

Dive into specific product performance using product name, ASIN, or SKU to explore sales and revenue details, % revenue share contribution, units sold, % units sold contribution, ASP etc. Get the big picture, or dive into the numbers of an individual product. Business Dashboard lets you get as granular as you want so you can optimize and tweak as per your suitability.

Stay competitive by tracking Amazon BSR for popular products

Amazon BSR is a bestseller rank of a particular product in a defined category on any particular day. Tracking the BSR trends shows relative performance vis-a-vis other competitors. Unlike, daily revenue numbers that don’t give you a picture of the market competitiveness, BSR rank does a good job in accounting the market competitiveness.

Automated Daily Whtsapp sales notifications

Automatic sales data Whatsapp push sent to your whole team to get you started with your day including important metrics such as Total sales, Ad Sales, ACoS%, TACoS% etc.

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