Upriver started working with ITC, the cigarette to FMCG conglomerate, on Amazon.in and setting up distribution by leveraging Amazon’s unique local shops program. The warehousing infrastructure was already in place in 12 cities and the client wanted to use the same facilities to expose inventory on more channels.

Initial Situation

  • With multiple sellers and inhouse brands already selling bestseller ITC products on Amazon, the end customer was not getting the real brand experience as everyone had made different listings.
  • Client wanted to make sure the brand experience on Amazon was consistent across brands.
  • Out of 12 operational warehouses, majority of them were not able to perform on full capacity due to low volume of orders from existing channels like itcstore.in


  • Warehouses constantly breaching Amazon SLA’s
  • Stringent regulation around food products while listing on Amazon
  • Multiple sellers selling ITC products on Amazon creating a hassle to win the buy box.
  • Many ITC brands push individual ads on Amazon instead of a cohesive strategy push.

Upriver Strategy

Individual Accounts

As we knew, Amazon delivery SLA’s are not being fulfilled by some ITC warehouse, we decided to set up different account for each Warehouse so that in case 1 warehouse falters on SLA the entire account does not gets suspended

Account Manager

Food products is a tricky category to work on Amazon due to various FSSAI regulations. To fasten the process, we negotiated with Amazon to provide a dedicated account manager to take all the relevant approval on all 12 accounts and adhere to the project’s internal timeline.


Of 1,000+ sku of ITC, we prioritised the sku’s that should be made live first. Some of the filters used were –

  • sku not sold by other sellers so that we make them live, ITC will be the only seller and can command buy-box easily
  • sku where Amazon category approvals will be faster
  • high ASP sku’s to get initial traction.

Monitoring Buy-Box

Winning the buy box was our top priority. To achieve the same, we integrated a sophisticated 3rd party Amazon buy box chaser that helped us win more buy box as well improve profitability by driving the price up whenever the opportunity arose..

Seller Flex

Our team liaised with Amazon to register all 12 warehouses with the Seller flex program. It enabled the delivery of Pan-India orders while keeping shipping costs to the minimum as deliveries could happen from the nearest warehouse location.


As only brand level ads were being pushed by individual brands, we decided to make a more holistic strategy using various formats of Amazon Ads like Sponsored Products, Sponsored brands and Sponsored Display

  • Identified sku with high conversion and pushed more SP ads
  • Identified sku with low visibility but high conversion and started SP and SB ads
  • SD ads format was used to target competitor listing
  • New launches were tagged with bestseller products


Improved Asset utilisation of warehouses to a sustainable level within 2 months of launch on local shops.

Within three months of working with Upriver, ITC sales on Amazon surpassed its own ITCstore.in sales and 9 out of 12 warehouses turned profitable from an operational point of view.

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