Artificial Intelligence Driven Advertising on Amazon – India & Global

Managing Amazon – India and Globally is Upriver’s super-speciality

Upriver continuously optimizes listings with the Amazon’s algorithms using its proprietary AOT (Algorithm Optimization Tools), so that the brand’s products come at the top in each relevant search.

Built around a set of mutually agreed goals, our advertisings experts create well calibrated, savvy campaigns focused on every stage of the marketing funnel, using data, technology, and creativity. We develop, execute and manage:

  • Advertising strategy and campaign planning
  • Amazon Advertising Console, Amazon DSP, Seller Central Campaign Manager
  • Amazon deals
  • Spend management and reporting

Upriver deploys industry leading Artificial Intelligence Engines, built specifically for Amazon, to better manage your advertising. Some of the areas that AI automates for generating best returns on advertising spends are:

  • Algorithmic Bidding – Our AI-powered advertising engine ensures that we are always placing the most efficient bids on the most likely to convert keywords and match types, based on our strategic business objectives.
  • Campaign Automation – helps structure multiple campaigns using Amazon best practices, optimized by intra-day automation.
  • Keyword & ASIN Harvesting – removes endless hours spent researching keywords. Our tools harvests keywords basis past data and create campaigns with most converting keywords.
  • Advanced Targeting: Brand, Category and Competitor – allocates advertising budget to drive new business and reach new customers. Equipped with strategic levers, the engine target the segments that will bring the best return on our advertising spend.

 Our rules-based advertising software automatically reprices keyword bids, helping you find that advertising-spend sweet spot that works best for your brand. Our Amazon marketing services and advertising experts find keyword adjacencies that allow for smarter spend, lower ACoS, and overall sales increases.

Our brand partners are able to make smart decisions with our in-depth category analyses, and simple to understand reporting.

Data-Driven SEO on Amazon

Great SEO needs to be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy on ecommerce channels. Our SEO experts will help you rank high in organic search rankings on Amazon. By utilizing SEO best practices for ecommerce, we’ll make Amazon’s A10 search algorithm work for you, not against you.


Why do we need AI backed tools for Amazon?

Amazon is one of the leading marketplaces that gives sellers access to a lot of data, almost real time. It would be sub-optimal if we do not use this data and operate on gut feel or approximations. Our AI tools do not just analyse the data points real time, but also present insights that help us take data backed decisions. Better still, the AI backed tools themselves decide whatever is best suited for you, with our advertising managers supervising the tools. The number and frequency of interventions and that our AI tool makes on Amazon, is something which is impossible manually.