Amazon Prime Day Prep 2022: The Complete Guide


This guide will cover everything you need to know — tips to maximize sales, key metrics to monitor, promotional tools to increase reach and more — to prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2022. Please expect upto 3x sales during prime days as customer flow will be more and intent will be high due to discounts.

Send your FBA inventory shipments today

● Sellers should make sure any new inventory reaches fulfillment centers before the event starts.

● At the same time sufficient backup inventory in MFN sku as well.

Offer Customers Multiple Ways to Save

In order to tempt customers to purchase your products on Prime Day, create deals, discounts, and promotions on your listings.

● Use Amazon Coupons.

● Offer Lightning Deals.

● Create a Promotion.

● Prime Day Exclusive Discount.

Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Make sure customers find your listings on Prime Day by boosting your brand’s visibility, on and off Amazon. We should start now, so by the time Prime Day rolls around, you can entice your broadened audience with incredible deals.

● Review your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns.

● Bidding more aggressively for your product’s most important keywords to increase your organic ranking.

● Competition will be high and sales will come at high ACOS,but essential to build momentum during the sales period so that this momentum will be carried forward and Best Seller Ranking and relevance of the ASIN can be improved.

● Advance Recharge to AMS account.

● Run off-Amazon ads (google, insta and fb), drive external traffic to your Prime Day.

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